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Why I Am A DBL Ambassador: Sandy Sparling

By February 17, 2020 No Comments

Sandy Sparling,
DBL National Ambassador

  1. DBL is obviously a very successful organization, which is truly helping dogs and people. I can’t think of anything better!
  2. I have always loved dogs and believe every dog should have a safe and happy home. I have said for many years that we are not aware of all they are capable of, and what they have to offer.
  3. I enjoy meeting people and when I am out with Trooper, many conversations are started about service dogs. It gives me an opportunity to not only discuss what he does for me, but to also talk about DBL, what a great organization it is, and how beneficial their dogs are to people who need them.  It is a perfect opportunity to give out a card should they know someone who could benefit from a DBL dog.
  4. Too many dogs in shelters are “put down” each year. By being an Ambassador for DBL, I feel in a small way, I am helping to rescue dogs that may otherwise not be saved.
  5. I have received DBL’s magazine for many years and always appreciated the work they do to save dogs from shelters, train them, and place them in homes where they are of great assistance to someone with hearing issues. Having my own rescue dog whom I had trained to be a Diabetic Alert Dog, Trooper has given me great comfort and is a valuable asset to my well being. When I learned DBL was looking for Ambassadors, I knew it was a perfect fit for me!

Sandy lives in North Idaho with husband, Roger and Diabetic Alert Dog, Trooper. Sandy was a high school business teacher and owned marketing and dog sitting businesses.  She has always loved dogs and working with them! In her spare time, Sandy enjoys kayaking, hiking, gardening, occasional traveling, and takes Trooper to agility classes.

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