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5 Reasons Why I Give to Dogs for Better Lives: Stacy

By November 8, 2019 December 26th, 2019 No Comments

Stacy Tollie,
Dogs for Better Lives Donor

  1. Dogs are awesome!
  2. I’ve always been awed by the bond between an assistance dog and his/her person.  It’s amazing what a specially-trained working dog can do for someone and I love being able to help provide that potentially life-changing canine partner for someone.
  3. DBL uses shelter dogs.  Why not use dogs that are already out there and need homes? Supporting DBL means helping both dogs and people.  That’s a total win-win.
  4. DBL provides dogs at no cost to recipients, so income level isn’t a potential barrier to someone’s receiving a canine partner that can do so much for them.
  5. DBL has consistently been a good steward of the funds provided by its supporters, so I’m assured that money I donate is used wisely and for the purposes I intend when I give.

Stacy lives in North Carolina and has been supporting Dogs for Better Lives for 20 years.  In early 2019 while on a cross-country trip, she finally was able to visit Dogs for Better Lives and see her donations in action.  The dogs she’s had were rescue and shelter dogs, and they hold a special place in her heart.  In her free time Stacy enjoys travel, running and motorcycling – all things that get her in the great outdoors!

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