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5 Reasons Why I am a DBL Board Member: Matt Dunbar

By July 3, 2019 December 26th, 2019 No Comments

Matt Dunbar,
DBL Board Member

1. It fills two areas in my life, my love for helping people and my love for dogs. It’s a dream come true!

2. Being on the board gives me the opportunity to meet new people in my community and to learn from them.

3. I can help spread education and awareness regarding what other people are facing in their lives, and the people that need our help.

4. It is very gratifying to be a part of a wonderful organization and to help them grow and prosper in their mission.

5. Why I remain on the board after my 1st term? I can physically see the difference we make at DBL, and that keeps me going even with my busy schedule.


Matt Dunbar graduated from Oregon State University in 2007 with a BA in Management and a minor in Spanish. He was fortunate to further his education by living abroad for several years teaching English in Spain and studying economics in Mexico.

Upon returning to Medford, Oregon, Matt established his career in the health insurance industry where he eventually opened his own agency, Rogue Benefit Planning. At RBP they specialize in helping employers understand the rules and regulations of the Affordable Care Act and finding a suitable benefit program that meets the needs of the business and the employees.

Dogs and people hold a special place in Matt’s heart. He knows the many values a dog can bring into a person’s life, whether living with a disability or not. He also feels that everyone should have the opportunity to live a full and happy life and enjoys helping people achieve that.

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