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5 Reasons Why I Volunteer at DBL: Lia Byers

By September 6, 2019 December 26th, 2019 No Comments

Lia Byers,
Volunteer Dog Walker

  1. Walking dogs for Dogs for Better Lives started as a retirement commitment that included fitness and being outdoors – in other words, it started out being an activity for me!
  2. Then I realized that I was getting an additional “dog fix”  bonus, as well as learning about dogs from the amazing staff at DBL.
  3. After being picked by Career Change Dog, Strive, and now one of the loves of my life, Ziva, volunteering  became about the dogs and the mission of DBL. Getting to watch these wonderful beings learn, respond and grow is simply wonderful. Plus, getting to talk to them every week about their how their lessons are going and watching them grow in confidence and abilities is such a joy!
  4. I came to see, very quickly, what an extraordinary organization DBL is, and I get to see everyone in the organization dedicate themselves to the dogs and to the mission.
  5. So now, it’s all about the joy of walking the dogs! Regardless of the weather – hot, cold, wet, perfect – the pups are waiting and are always SO happy to see me that their joy creates joy, sends joy, ripples joy!

Lia has been a volunteer dog walker for Dogs for Better Lives since 2015. Lia lives in the Rogue Valley, and enjoys spending time with her Career Change Dog, Ziva (Strive), talking with her llama, Mr. Stirling, and rowing competitively – and for fun – as well as developing adaptive rowing with Rogue Rowing on Emigrant Lake near Ashland.

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