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5 Reasons Why I am a DBL Trainer: Jess Reichmuth

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Jess Reichmuth, CPTD-KA
Program Field Representative

  1. Dogs are neat. The fact that they can learn to adapt to our weird human ways is remarkable, and even more remarkable is the way they often change us for the better.
  2. I love working with the clients and seeing the independence and confidence that a well-trained Assistance Dog can provide.
  3. Each dog I’ve trained has been completely different from every other dog. The problem-solving that goes into meeting a new dog and figuring out how to best teach that dog the needed behaviors means every day is exciting and different from the last.
  4. Working with our volunteer puppy raisers and helping them build confidence and success in our future Assistance Dogs makes me happy. Watching someone dedicate their time, effort, and love into a puppy they know they’ll have to give back reminds me that there are good people in this world.
  5. The collaboration of many different people and organizations, often unseen by outsiders, is a rewarding thing to get to see and share. Without the shelters we adopt dogs from, the puppy raisers and fosters that house and socialize dogs for us, the vet that provides the medical care, the donors who fund this work, the collaboration with Guide Dogs for the Blind, the foundations that support us, the volunteers who come and walk the dogs rain or shine, the volunteers who answer phones and perform office duties, our ambassadors who spend time representing us at events, and without every single staff member at DBL, this work wouldn’t be possible. I’m thankful to be one piece of the puzzle.


Jess is a Program Field Representative, representing DBL out of our Greater Seattle satellite office. Jess has worked at DBL for the past 4 years, with most of that time spent as one of our Certified Assistance Dog Trainers.

Jess grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. She has been handling dogs, in one capacity or another, since she was old enough to hold a leash. Her first experience with Assistance Dogs started when she was in middle school when she became a Volunteer Puppy Raiser for a local organization training Assistance Dogs for children with disabilities.

Jess and her partner Nicole live in Tacoma, Washington and share their home with 4 dogs: Teddy, a large rambunctious shelter mutt; Simon, a sweet and sensitive Chihuahua mix; Teva, a sassy terrier mix; and Syd, a beloved senior pug.  

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