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5 Reasons Why I am a Puppy Raiser: Laurie T.

By June 7, 2019 December 26th, 2019 No Comments

Laurie T.
DBL Puppy Raiser

1. I love volunteering, and raising a puppy is a meaningful way to give back.

2. I enjoy being part of DBL’s Puppy Raiser community where we are proud to be making a difference.

3. I love all animals, and dogs are my favorite because they provide lots of love, companionship and they are always entertaining!

4. Helping a puppy prepare for “college” is rewarding. Knowing that I helped prepare a puppy for advanced training puts it into perspective when it’s time for her to move on. Plus – I can raise another puppy soon after!

5. But best of all, I know that my puppy will do amazing things in the life of a child, as well as for the entire family.


Laurie works for a local Oregon high school and is on her third foster puppy. Her first foster puppy, Halo, is now an Autism Assistance Dog who is helping to change the life of a young boy. Pepper, her second foster puppy, is now going through the process of becoming a breeder dog, who may provide us with many more future Assistance Dogs.

Laurie’s current foster puppy, Bliss, enjoys going to school every day, touching the lives of both faculty and students as she continues with her puppy training. Laurie is dedicated to helping us change lives, one foster puppy at a time.

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