Pediatrician Dr. Danielle Rose Joins Dogs for Better Lives’ National Board

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Dr. Danielle Rose (L) with her Hearing Assistance Dog Delight, comforting a young client at her pediatrics office. Delight (3-year old Labrador) has been with Danielle since January of this year. (Photo: Anne Zirkle Photography)

CENTRAL POINT, OR – This month, Dogs for Better Lives’ (DBL) Board of Directors approved and invited Dr. Danielle Rose (Mooresville, NC) to join the national board. Dr. Rose is a physician with Salisbury Pediatric Associates, joining the company in 2012. She has an interest in working with children with disabilities and integrative medicine. Dr. Rose has studied with several Naturopathic physicians and integrates supplements, herbs and homeopathy into her pediatric treatment plans.

“Dr. Rose brings unique skills and experience that will be instrumental in taking Dogs for Better Lives into the future,” Board Chairman Al Lane said.  “She will play a major role on the board and assist in navigating DBL through the development of the newly rolled out Autism Program, as well as providing stability to our existing programs.  I look forward to working closely with Dr. Rose and personally seeing the impact and contributions of her efforts!”

Since 1996, Dr. Rose has been a Hearing Dog client of Dogs for Better Lives. Now with her third Hearing Dog Delight, a 3-year old black Labrador, Dr. Rose continues to be alerted to the phone, smoke alarm, oven timer, alarm clock, name call, and door knock. Delight does this by tapping Danielle’s leg with her nose and then leading her to the sound. With bringing her Hearing Assistance Dog to work each day, Delight not only benefits Danielle, but also comforts the young patients she visits with who may have anxieties about visiting the doctor’s office.

“Dr. Rose brings a very unique perspective to DBL and the board as a successor Hearing Dog client, volunteer ambassador, pediatrician, and philanthropist,” noted President and CEO Bryan Williams. “She will significantly help us to connect with new audiences, assist more clients, and ultimately expand our footprint.”

In addition to being a Dogs for Better Lives’ client, Dr. Rose also serves as a National Ambassador for DBL, regularly presenting about the organization to local and regional community groups, such as her state chapter of Hearing Loss Association of America.

“I am thrilled with the opportunity to serve on the Board,” stated Dr. Danielle Rose.  “DBL has been our favorite charity for 20+ years and a lifeline for my hard of hearing challenges. My Hearing Assistance Dogs Chuckie, Ginger, and now Delight are dearly loved members of our family and I’m 100% committed to ensuring others benefit from DBL’s amazing dogs.”

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