In-Store Holiday ‘Toys for Dogs’ Campaign Kicks Off Across Oregon’s Grange Co-op Stores

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CENTRAL POINT, OR – Launching today through the end of December, Dogs for Better Lives (DBL) is partnering up with southern Oregon’s Grange Co-op, on its annual Toys for Dogs campaign.

Throughout all of the Grange Co-op stores (except Yuba, CA), DBL has placed 3-foot high boxes near the registers, inviting patrons to purchase and then donate suitable dog toys.  Near each box there are brochures that outline what toys are suitable for DBL’s Assistance Dogs in training.

Thanks to the generosity and creativity of Girl Scout Troop #32340 (Medford), all the boxes were personally decorated and painted, in the spirit of dogs and the holidays.

“Grange Co-op is proud to support Dogs for Better Lives. These dogs are trained by the best and are constantly working hard to better the lives of so many,” stated Grange Co-op Marketing Manager, Jason Wall. “Assistance Dogs deserve time to play and relax like all dogs do. We would like to help fulfill the needs on their wish list by allowing customers to purchase and drop off select toys at one of our Oregon locations.”

At any given time, DBL can have up to 60-70 dogs on campus participating in training to become an Assistance Dog. While not in training, DBL’s dogs are always in need of suitable play toys, helping to alleviate their stresses, share with their four-legged (and two-legged) friends, and lick the hidden cookie treats out of.

This is the second year that DBL has launched the holiday campaign for the dogs, though the first time partnering with the Grange Co-op on this program.

“Enrichment is so important for our dogs in training and these toys provide a much-needed outlet both physically and mentally,” stated Puppy Program Coordinator, Hannah Crane. “Our Assistance Dogs in training work hard, play even harder, and we want to make their time with us extra special.”

The majority of dogs that come into DBL are rescue dogs secured from shelters along the west coast, from California to Washington. DBL also has a small breeding program, as well as secures several breeder dogs annually from private and sister Service Dog organizations.

Dogs at DBL typically go through 4-6 months of training, hoping to eventually qualify for one of three key programs; Hearing, Autism, or Facility. Those dogs not graduating are “Career Changed” and then placed in a forever home in the region. Currently, both Hearing Assistance Dogs and Facility Dogs are placed nationally, while Autism Assistance Dogs currently are just being placed in WA, OR, and CA.

To learn more about ways to support our puppies and dogs in training, please visit https://dblboarding.wpengine.com/get-involved-2/.

[Read full press release here]

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