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Why I am a Corporate Partner: Rhonda Klug

By June 24, 2020 No Comments

Rhonda Klug,
Harry & David

  1. We have three dogs, including two rescues, in our household who are there for me no matter what. I was drawn to DBL because they care about the life of the rescue dogs and the people they serve.
  2. I have a passion for philanthropy, both personally and professionally, and a love for dogs! In 2019, my employer, Harry & David, helped support the placement of an Autism Assistance Dog in the home of a child with autism in Southern Oregon, and I knew a corporate partnership with them could make a significant impact.
  3. I’m really impressed with the DBL team—the time and attention they give to each assistance dog and their effort to place them in the perfect home.
  4. I love that DBL not only saves shelter dogs; they also save people’s outlook on life too!
  5. Fundraising is an important part of DBL’s efforts as recipients do not have to pay for their dogs. Because of this, I enjoy getting behind these campaigns that forever better the lives of both the dogs and the owners!

Rhonda is an accomplished and dedicated PR professional with over 24 years’ expertise in developing and executing all aspects of public outreach campaigns. Rhonda has a passion for philanthropy and enjoys collaborations with partners in education, business, and public and social service to build upon meaningful relationships that impact the community. Her dedication to her two sons, Hunter and Houston, and her husband, Kirk, is a source of great pride and joy. She loves running with their two rescue dogs, Luna and Winter, and any outdoor activities in the beautiful Southern Oregon landscape. She has a love for food & wine and an overall enthusiastic lover of life.

Harry & David is committed to giving back to the community, and they are passionate about supporting those who help others succeed. They are pleased to participate in volunteer, philanthropic, and charitable community-based efforts, and they’re grateful to have enthusiastic employees who are actively involved in them, too.

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