Supervised by caring staff members, our dog daycare offers a happy and exciting alternative to your pet being left home alone.

We  are open for Dog Daycare Monday – Friday! To schedule an evaluation, complete our client questionnaire below and we will give you a call to set it up.

Why is Dogs for Better Lives the BEST daycare on Cape Cod?

  • We offer 3 different exercise yards that have artificial turf specifically designed for dogs. It uses safe, non-toxic and premium materials that is soft on dog’s paws while also being able to be disinfected.
  • 1200 square feet of indoor space in addition to 3500 square feet outdoor play areas.
  • Play structures are provided in each yard for the enjoyment of the dogs as well as bone shaped pools when weather appropriate.
  • Fresh water available all the time.
  • Each playgroup is established by an evaluation. Our evaluations are on-going as your dog participates in daycare, to ensure your dog continues to enjoy the services we offer.
  • Each play group has a trained, caring and mature staff person supervising at all times.
  • Live Pet Cams are available for viewing your pets at play inside and also outside.
  • Basic manners are incorporated into everyday play.
  • Convenient and healthy dog food and retail sales.
  • The health and safety of our playroom, facility and staff practices are exemplary in our field.
  • Super-fun doggie place that is also super-clean.
  • It’s the home away from home, your dog will love!

Dogs for Better Lives provides the best environment for your dog to socialize and feel safe


Basic Requirements

There are many benefits to daycare. To ensure safety and enjoyment of all participating dogs, Dogs for Better Lives has an extensive and ongoing evaluation process. Groups will be divided based on factors such as age, size, temperament and play style and we will do our best to fit your dog into the proper group.

However, not all dogs will fit within our available play groups and therefore we cannot accept all dogs. All dogs must fit our requirements.

  • No dog under the age of 6 months
  • No intact males over the age of 7 months or those who have begun showing intact behaviors
  • Female dogs that are currently in heat or have been in heat within 4 weeks prior.
  • Each dog must have a healthy fecal result on file within the past 6 months.
  • All dogs must be crate trained in a positive way as this is where they will take their rest breaks.

How to Join Dog Daycare

If you would like to have your dog evaluated for daycare, please fill out our client questionnaire below and then we will call you to schedule an evaluation. If meet and greet is successful, your dog will do a 3 day trial of half day daycare. After third day, your dog is welcome to attend full day daycare.

The process is as follows:

    • Meeting the dog on leash in the lobby with owner present
    • Staff walking dog on leash without owner present
    • Seeing how comfortable dog is going in a crate
    • Introduce dog to dog on leash
    • Introduce dog to dog off leash
    • Introduce one dog at a time off leash
    • Staff putting leash and collar back on dog

Due to the multi-day evaluation process and the length of time it takes for dogs to get familiar with each other, we are unable to accept short-term dog daycare clients. We respectfully ask that you will be in the area and utilizing daycare services for at minimum of 4 times per month during the busy season (May-September)

Please contact us at 508-564-4088 with any questions.

Dog Daycare Benefits Both You and Your Dog

  • Off-leash play
  • Lots of exercise
  • Burning off energy (for a calmer, mellower dog)
  • Socialization: Interacting with a variety of dogs of different sizes, breeds, personalities, drives, ages, situations, environments, and circumstances
  • Development of canine and human relationships over time and maturity from long-term repeated visits
  • Mind stimulation
  • Safe and healthy environment
  • Manners with dogs and humans
  • Basic training skills
  • Development and management of impulse control
  • Skills acquisition in many different environments
  • Enhancement of relationship with your dog due to physical and mental needs being met playing with doggie friends in other environments
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